South African Actress, Enhle Mbali Looks Magnificent On The Front Of This Travel Magazine

Enhle Mbali looks like eminence on the most recent front of travel and way of life distribution Moments Magazine as she wears a gold, decorated bra with a sparkly headpiece to coordinate.

The celebrity shared the cover photo on her Instagram account, saying that designers Gert-Johan Coetzee and Ryan Keys had a hand in styling her for the travel mag’s shoot.

On the cover, Enhle paired the gold bra with a dark tulle skirt. The actress also shared other pics from inside the magazine, including one of her wearing a colourful jacket by Gert-Johan Coetzee, as well as a snap of her in a stunning black dress surrounded by pink balloons.

“A moment with Her Royal Highness @enhlembali_. She is bold and aiming for the top,” a post on Moments Magazine’s Instagram account reads.

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