South African Actor, Casper de Vries Found ‘Bloodied, Wounded And Bare’ In The Road

South African humorist Casper de Vries was allegedly found “go out and exposed” in the avenues of Linden, in Gauteng on Monday.

The performing artist and comic shared a progression of photographs on Instagram, demonstrating his wounded face, expressing: “Never drink sleeping pills and after that wash it down with clean SKYY vodka. @deepfriedman discovered me go out bare in the avenues of Linden, wounded and bloodied.[sic]”

Casper alleges that he remembers wanting to take his dog for a walk, but can’t remember anything after that.

“Even hurt my neck & am now wearing Montelle’s brace. Kent came back. Nursing bruises and scratches on my legs. Feel sorry, please. And then you may laugh, [sic]” he adds.

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His dog Kent went missing following the incident but was later found close to his home.

Netwerk 24 reports that fellow-comedian, Daniel Friedman (Deep Fried Man), who Casper rents a space from, discovered him n the street and put him to bed.

According to the Afrikaans publication the comedian recently starting taking anti-depressants and is in good spirits.

Speaking on behalf of Daniel, Whacked Management, said: “Daniel Friedman has chosen not to comment.”

*This is a developing story



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