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South Africa: What happened in Sun City, Bonang? – Twitter

Some might say that the best defence is an offence, but this is clearly a strategy that hasn’t worked out for Bonang Matheba, as her battle with entertainment blogger Phil Mphela is only getting worse.

After Mphela suggested on Twitter that her plan to sue the Sunday World over a report that she had tax woes was a bad idea, the celebrity presenter clapped back hard, telling him to… well, go and have intercourse with himself.

Most commentators would have scurried away at that stage. Bonang, after all, has over three million followers on Twitter and they can sometimes descend on those who criticise her like an army of angry ants.

Mphela, however, was having none of it. After posting that she had blocked him on Twitter, and alleging the celebrity was lying to her followers about waiting for a response from him, the critic took things a step further.

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“Wanna do this? Let’s go right back to Sun City 2012,” Mphela cryptically tweeted.

Sun City 2012? What on earth could’ve happened then?

Naturally, Bonang haters and fans immediately pricked their ears up. Since that tweet went live, social media has been abuzz with anticipation.

Tongues are certainly wagging but right now the only person in this exchange who has put a forward is Bonang. Clearly unafraid of what Mphela has to say, she’s thrown down the gauntlet.

Like you we’re waiting for Phil’s response.


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