South Africa: Thuso Mbedu Reacts To Musa Mthombeni Dating Rumours

In a meeting with DJ Fresh on the Fresh Breakfast, Emmy selected performing artist Thuso Mbedu dispelled any confusion air about her reputed relationship with presenter Musa Mthombeni.

At the point when Mpho from the Fresh group kidded about imagining Thuso’s future children with Musa, the performing artist, who was plainly found napping, stated: “You can picture them in your brain, cause that is the place they would be until the end of time.”

“So, is this you saying to Dr Musa Mthombeni’s mother that ‘never’?” Fresh questioned as the studio erupted in laughter. The DJ was referring to a social media post by Musa in which he said his mother had cornered Thuso to ask about their relationship status.

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“I can be a godmother to his future kids. That way, but otherwise, eish guys,” Thuso responded to Fresh’s question. Going on to add: “There’s definitely nothing between myself and Musa Mthombeni.”

Musa has also previously addressed his relationship with Thuso, setting the record straight by saying he and the actress have been good friends for a while.


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