South Africa: SABC Radio Presenter Fired Because He Called Jacob Zuma a ‘Zombie’

Lotus FM DJ Ravi Govender has been fired by the broadcasting company after comments he made about the president on his personal Facebook page this weekend.

JZ’s son Edward lead the cries of outrage against the comment, saying he was horrified and that the post was ‘the worst form of the abuse of democracy’. The saying ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ comes to mind here.

What did Govender say?

. “Just heard a Zombie Zuma giving a speech on the news. Massacring the beautiful English language… Uneducated creature. Even the other moron Mugabe speaks much better.”

The statement is – at worst – strongly worded. No personal threats or curse words are used, but the Vinyl Countdown host has been told to pack his bags  – a decision confirmed by Kaiser Kganyago, an SABC spokesperson.

Govender has since apologised for his actions, in a statement taken before his dismissal:

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“I posted what I posted on Facebook out of anger. I should have known better. He sounded [while delivering his speech] dead to me, no feelings, no punctuation at all.”

“I am not racist, it [English] is not his first language, but speak in Zulu and get an interpreter. I said a zombie because he sounded like a zombie to me. I have apologised and there is nothing I can do. I am wrong, I should not have said it.”

SABC have felt the diplomatic pressure on this one. Though calling Jacob Zuma a zombie isn’t exactly the crime of the century, Govender is certainly guilty of acting irresponsibly.

Whether that’s enough reason for a bloke to lose his livelihood isn’t so clear. If the Zumas and their associates do want to shut down everyone who badmouths them, they are going to be very busy for a very long time.


SOURCE: News24

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