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South Africa: ‘Reuniting With AKA Has Nothing To Do With My Child’ – DJ Zinhle

In a heart-to-heart talk with Actress Enhle Mbali Maphumulo, DJ Zinhle has opened up about reuniting with the father of her child, AKA.

On Friday, Enhle’s pre-recorded vodcast Sincerely Yours debuted on THD24 (Touch HD) and her first guest was the Colors hitmaker.

During the episode, the two ladies shared their experiences about heartbreak in the public eye.

Enhle opened up about what she went through because of two cheating scandals in her marriage to Black Coffee.

“I went through two cheating scandals. One there was a sex tape and one there was just ratchetness,” shared Enhle.

“I remember in my pain, tears, strength and stillness there was one day when I was sitting alone and I thought: ‘Why do I care so much?

“And my spirit said: ‘You love him, sit your a** down and do what is right for you and your family.’ I felt you [Jiyane] do the same thing.”

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Zinhle explained to Enhle about her decision to reunite with rapper AKA, who allegedly cheated on her with Bonang Matheba in 2015.

When Zinhle got back with her ex AKA, not everyone was happy about her decision and faced major public backlash.

“I don’t rob myself of things that I want and can acquire. The decision to be with the father of my child has nothing to do with my child. It’s definitely about me,” she said.

“If there is an opportunity for me and Enhle or Kiernan or whoever to reconcile, I will take a chance. It’s because I don’t want to question myself four years later,” shared Zinhle.

Zinhle and Enhle for the vodcast spoke about how they have overcome pain during tough times.

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