South Africa: President Zuma’s Son Duduzane Apparently Escaped Justice Over His Fatal Car Crash

Documents obtained by The Times have lifted the lid on Duduzane Zuma’s ‘let off’ from the National Prosecuting Authority after Randburg Magistrates Court found him culpable for the death of Phuzile Dube.

Zuma Junior’s Porsche ploughed into a taxi on the M1 highway near Sandton, Johannesburg in 2014. He maintains that he lost control after ‘driving through a puddle’, veering into the other vehicle which collided with a barrier

Dube, 30, died at the scene and Jeanette Mashaba passed away a few weeks later in hospital; doctors attributed this to natural causes.

The court ruled at an inquest that the death was caused by Duduzane’s negligence. While the NPA found that the president’s son failed to conduct himself in a reasonable manner, he was still let off the hook.

Gary Mazaham was the lawyer who represented the president’s son, and he employed a few ‘tricks of the trade’ to clean up his client’s image before the trial…

What did Mazaham do to ‘save’ DZ?


. Rushed to have private consultants settle Duduzane’s R7,000 bill for traffic fines before the crash made it to court

. He’s alleged to have advised Zuma Jnr on how to doctor his testimony to fit in with the police’s version of events

. Tailored a statement purely to suit the police’s account

NPA spokesman Luvuyo Mfaku said the prosecuting authority was not aware of the speeding fines until asked questions:

“Such evidence if in existence must be placed before the prosecution for same to be considered with all the facts surrounding this matter.”

Whilst Jacob Zuma himself is plagued by allegations of corruption, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together here. If his son is in legal trouble, it’s not unimaginable that he could have had some help from ‘higher up’.

However, Mazaham’s role can’t be downplayed: The traffic fines were settled before the case, so it was never taken into account that DZ has had some previous motoring offences.

The leaked documents concluded that there were ‘no prospects’ of a successful prosecution, despite Duduzane taking EIGHT days to give a police statement after the crash.


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