South Africa: Pearl Thusi Cried for a Whole Day for Loosing Her Pet

Actress Pearl Thusi recently lost her pet and she wants to mourn it without judgement.

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you might understand the relationship between you and the animal. Such relationship was the one between Pearl Thusi and her cat, Sarah.

So naturally, when her beloved cat died recently, Pearl was very heart broken and shared with her social media followers how she cried for over 24 hours.

“Been crying about my cat for a full 24 hours. And I couldn’t tell ya’ll ‘cause ya’ll gon’judge me. Why ya’ll so trash doe…”

Some of her followers didn’t understand why she was mourning the loss of a cat, with one follower even tweeting her, “It’s just a cat, Pearl.”

Pearl didn’t take that lying down. The King Scorpion actress playfully clapped back at everyone who criticized her mourning writing,

“I’m gonna mute anyone who talk mess about me mourning my cat,”


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