South Africa: Khanyi Mbau Calls Out Lasizwe On Lying About Buying A House

Khanyi Mbau is upset with little brother, Lasizwe Dambuza, for allegedly claiming to have bought an apartment in Sandton.

Lasizwe, Khanyi’s baby bro and YouTube sensation, recently talked about his road to success on Fresh Breakfast Show on Metro FM and shared details on his new Sandton home which he apparently bought last month.

In the interview he also thanks his boyfriend, Marcus (not his real name), who he says helped him get the upmarket home. At only 19-years-old Lasizwe says he has officially moved out of his late mother’s house in Pimville, Soweto, and is ready for independence. The Touch HD host also went on social media and shared a video of the luxury apartment. “Dear Mom, Your son! From Pimville Soweto to Sandton – #LOOKATGOD,” he captioned the vid.

After hearing the interview an upset Khanyi reprimanded Lasizwe, saying he lied about the apartment.

“I‘m very upset at him for doing that. He lied – the apartment is a rental,” she told DRUM.

“He told Fresh he bought it and he went onto the breakfast show to speak about it and it’s not true.”

Khanyi says this isn’t the first time her little brother fibbed.

“It’s not the first time he is pulling a stunt like this and we have warned him but he will learn and eventually grow to know you can’t lie about something like this,” Khanyi said.

Speaking to DRUM, Lasizwe says Khanyi might be overreacting and he doesn’t understand why she’s upset.

“Hay angizingeni (Hey, count me out). Khanyi is overreacting,” Lasizwe said.

He confirmed his bae, Marcus, bought him the house and he isn’t paying for it.

“Marcus bought me the place, so technically I didn’t lie because it’s mine but it’s just not yet under my name,” he said.

Lasizwe says he’s waiting for Marcus to change the ownership of the apartment then he’ll have a huge housewarming party.

Giggling away Lasizwe says jokingly his big sis is just being overprotective and she might be going through some stress.

“Hay, Khanyi has stress, I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Maybe she has problems,” Lasizwe said.

He says he’s been dating Marcus for some time bit won’t reveal Marcus’ true identity.

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Dear Mom, Your son 🏡! From Pimville Soweto to Sandton – #LOOKATGOD

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