South Africa: “I Forgive All Of You” – Shawn Mkhize Tells Her Fashion Critics

Business woman and millionaire, Shawn Mkhize has been the talk of the town ever since her hit-reality show, Kwa Mamkhize hit the screens last month.

And while her luxurious life, humble nature, and family, left many admiring her, others could not ignore her love for unique fashion pieces, which led to some criticism – especially after the Somhale white wedding where she wore a white jumpsuit.

Many tweets didn’t like the outfit and said she needed a stylist.

But the reality TV star, who is fairly new to Twitter, was not fazed by the critics and instead gave a spicy, yet classy clapback.

“Part 1 Thanks to everyone that viewed #kwamammkhize yesterday & thanks for the love .You guys have no idea how grateful I am & how your love heals me from all the pains I’ve endured in my life,” she began.

“Part 2 As for the critics I have seen and read all your comments especially on Twitter, but I forgive all of you. I understand in life we have different taste in foods as well as in clothing, that’s why we have different ideologies / dishes , shops & Opinions. #KwaMamMkhize,” she said.




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