South Africa: Gang Abduct and Rape Lesbian Couple Before Hanging And Burning Their Bodies

A gang abducted a lesbian couple in South Africa before torturing, raping, hanging and burning their bodies, it has been revealed.


The two lovers known as Anisha and Joey van Niekerk were subjected to the horrifying ordeal after they were kidnapped in December 2017, at Mooinooi, near Brits, South Africa according to IOL.


After the abduction, they were brutally raped in front of each other, and one of them was sexually assaulted more than once.


The gang then hung their bodies by meat-hooks from a shipping container’s ceiling.


Revealed court documents showed that as the two women’s feet were dangling, one of their attackers made the noose shorter so they died a slow, very painful death.


The court papers also reveal how Joey’s death was witnessed by Anisha, who was still tied to the meathook before she was also killed.


Apart from all these, the evil gang still decided to burn their bodies and watched their victims’ bodies turn into ashes.


According to the judge who handled the case, their remaining bones were crushed into pieces before they were buried.


The presiding judge said in court papers that the crime was fuelled by “evil greed”.


Police say the person behind the murders, Koos Strydom, had wanted the plot of land where the victims lived.
The couple put it up for sale, but Strydom could not afford it so planned with his wife to abduct the couple and force them to sign a fake purchase agreement.


After signing the agreement, Strydom killed the van Niekerks so they would not be able to report to Police.

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According to eye witnesses, the naked women pleaded for their lives to be spared before the torture began.


Strydom is now dead. He committed suicide in jail while awaiting trial for his involvement in the crime.


While sentencing the other members of the gang, judge Bert Bam said: “You are a gang of evil-minded criminals.”

“This crime is inhumane, cruel, evil and simply despicable”.


Mercia Strydom, Koos’ wife, pleaded with the court to pardon her for the role she played in the crime as she was only 21 at the time.


Mrs Strydom was given two life sentences, as well as an additional 69 years behind bars.


Another gang member, Alex Modau was also ordered to serve two life sentences, with an additional 54 years.


Two brothers, Jack and James Sithole were told they would serve life with an extra 54 years in jail.


The judge added: “How you thought you could get away with this boggles the mind, as people do not just vanish.”


The family of the victims shared their relief after the jail time announcement.


Joey’s sister, Rina Payne previously said the three years following the death of the couple had been hell.

She said: ““It was unbearable to listen through what my sister and Anisha had to go through before and after their deaths.

“I am just happy that the killers will have to pay for what they have done.”


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