South Africa: Beautiful Picture of Younger Nomzamo Mbatha as a Beauty Pageant Queen

Is there anything in showbiz that the 28-year-old Isibaya Actress Nomzamo Mbatha cannot do? From TV presenting to acting – and recently she diclosed that she was once a little beauty queen.

Taking to her Instagram page Nomzamo who’s taken on a new role as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, shared a snap of her younger self after what looked like a pageant crowning. Little Nomzamo can be spotted all smiles on the right-hand side, while draped in a sash, crown and in a cute floral swimsuit.

“My dad hated pageants so much and when he heard my mom had entered me into one at my crèche he was so upset!” the 28-year-old Isibaya actress captioned the post.

She added that the snap of herself at the pageant might’ve been the first and the last time she participated in a beauty show since her father disapproved vehemently.

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It’s never too late to live out your childhood dreams – who knows maybe Nomzamo will be the future Miss Universe.


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