South Africa: AKA Talks About His New Single #Beyonce

So AKA dropped some significant documents on twitter without a moment to spare for the arrival of his new singles, and Twitter went insane. At the point when Rapper Kiernan AKA Forbes took to Twitter to express how he feels about adoration, we were not prepared for what came straightaway. Numerous conjectured and some immediately realized that he was discussing his ongoing association with Bonang Matheba. At that point he dropped a noteworthy shake, I mean sensation. Otherwise known as guaranteed in his tweet that he discovered rocks tied up in a plastic sack in his room. So does this mean Bonang was beguiling AKA? What rocks would he say he is discussing?

While everyone was still shocked at the rocks revelation, the Star Signs hitmaker dropped two new singles, Beyonce and Amen from his much anticipated ‘Touch my Blood’ album which will come out on the 15th of June.

Beyonce is the song that has everyone talking on Twitter, in this song he questions the character of a particular ex-lover.

Although the song does not mention any names, if you have been following the Bonang and AKA saga you will know that he left the mother of his daughter DJ Zinhle for Bonang. The opening line of the song starts with the following words: ‘When I left my baby mama I thought you will be my soulmate’. He goes on to say that he waited two years just to see her without her weave off, and we all know how Bonang loves her weaves. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen a photo of her without one. The song also confirms that he was seeing Bonang during Zinhle’s pregnancy.

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Although a lot of his followers know how AKA doesn’t hold back on twitter some seem to think that he took it too far.

“AKA’s #Beyonce song is mediocre at best. I think you owe your exes at least enough respect to not bad-mouth them in public. Mainly because the public doesn’t need to know your one-sided story and also no point in talking about someone who is no longer a part of your life”. – @Jaymaclezi

“AKA suspecting Bonang of witchcraft yet he is releasing music at midnight”. – @SHINOBI MADARA

“So Bonang was sleeping with her weave on? Phela AKA said “waited two years to see you with your weave off” – @OfficialHeadboy

Some of his fans were more worried about the upcoming album being his last album as he has recently said on Twitter.

“Bro the game won’t be the same without you, my heart is sore that its your final album i will forever bump your stuff and this #Beyonce joint is classic!!! Long live supa mega” – @Irvin Vinny Mavilane

“bbz AKA’s behavior is sad because its very typical HOW MANY TIMES MUST WE SAY ANYTHING THAT STARTS KAK WILL END KAK the foundations you lay is why your walls crumble now this bitch wanna call Bonang in a very thinly-veiled narrative a “heks” bitch we all witches, get into it”. – @LingdDeeYong

“I love how Bonang is going to flatly ignore this rant and continue SLAYING harder…. meanwhile AKA is suffering from major chest pains”. – @Wandz_Mahlangu

Aka really loved Bonang yaz” – @thepotshibeli

The other single released from the Touch My Blood album is called ‘Amen’ which features L-Tido.


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