Shut Down Some Embassies, President Mugabe Told As Liquidity Crisis Continues

Zimbabwe’s national assembly has reportedly urged President Robert Mugabe’s government to shut down some of the southern African country’s embassies as liquidity crisis continues.

According to News Day, the country’s national assembly believed that shutting down some of the embassies would prevent embarrassing situations where staff at embassies would end up being served with eviction notices over unpaid rentals.

Zimbabwe was allegedly sitting on rental arrears of up to $7m accrued over years, and some diplomats have been served with eviction notices.

“Remove or downgrade ambassadors where they are not necessary. While high-ranking diplomats, such as ambassadors are vital for Zimbabwe to promote its foreign policy, in many cases, having such high-ranking officials in every diplomatic mission may not be necessary,” Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs Kindness Paradza was quoted as saying.

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Last year Paradza took part in a trip to Kuwait after which he came back and told parliament that it would be better if the government closed down some of its embassies, as they were not in good conditions.

“The executive should consider making a bold decision and close some embassies,” Paradza was quoted as saying at the time.

He said he was embarrassed when he was summoned by the Kuwait government over outstanding rentals. He said the rentals (at the time) were seven months in arrears and the landlords were demanding “immediate evictions”.


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