Shocking! Italian Wingsuit Pilot Broadcasts His Own Death Live On Facebook As Jump Ends In Tragedy (Watch)

Today you fly with me!…The daring video of how an Italian wingsuit pilot who broadcasted his own death live on Facebook, has shown how the daring Alps jump ended in tragedy.

An Italian wingsuit pilot who crashed to his death in the Alps
A 28-year-old Italian wingsuit pilot named locally as Armin Schmieder, is currently trending worldwide after crashing down to his death in the Alps and broadcasted his daring jump live on Facebook.
According to Dailymail, he told his fans ‘today you fly with me’ before his leap, from a mountain top near Kandersteg in Switzerland, ended in tragedy as his followers watching the video reacted with horror.
Images from a video posted online show the pilot readying his wingsuit before pocketing his phone and taking off, and after a few moments, a shout can be heard and the sound of impact.
Bern cantonal police said the body of the 28-year-old Italian citizen was recovered near Kandersteg, a popular BASE jumping location.
Watch the daring video below;

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