65-year-old Gilberto Gonzalez Arias is accused of deliberately giving pupils bad marks before telling them they could improve their scores by having sex with him. Taken from http://www.seguimiento.co/magdalena/tres-padres-mas-denunciaron-presunto-docente-violador-en-santa-barbara-de-pinto-2327

Shameless Teacher Caught Half-n*ked While Trying To Have S*x With A Schoolgirl He Promised Good Grades (Photos)

A randy school teacher in the habit of failing students and demanding to upgrade their marks for s*x has been caught while trying to have s*x with a student.

Pot-bellied Gilberto Gonzalez Arias was arrested by the police
A pervert teacher who promised to give a female pupil good grades for s*x has been nabbed as he was about to commit the act. The shameless man, 65 was caught half-n*ked at a building site construction in the northern Colombian town of Santa Barbara de Pinto in the Magdalena Department.
The Sun reports that pot-bellied Gilberto Gonzalez Arias, 65, was down to just a pair of yellow boxer shorts and his unnamed pupil was in knickers and a bra when officers arrived to cuff him and take him away.
The high school student agreed to the meet in a house that was under – but took her dad and a police team along. The girl’s dad rushed over and punched him in the face as one officer filmed the scene while another put his hands behind his back to handcuff him.
He was identified as a teacher of a school called Nuestra Señora del Rosario High School. Investigators are now probing if other students at the school were targeted and say they have already received three more complaints.
Local police chief John Jairo Rodriguez said: “After this man was handed over to the judiciary three other sets of parents have filed formal complaints with prosecutors.
“If other children have fallen victim to this foul practice, we would urge them or their parents to let the authorities know.”
Maths teacher Gonzalez Arias allegedly deliberately gave pupils he targeted bad marks before telling them they could improve their scores if they agreed to s*x.
Local education chief Eduardo Arteta Coronell pledged to bring the “full force” of the law down on the suspect if the claims against him were proven.
He said: “Respect for rights, especially those of the girls, boy and young people of Magdalena, are a priority.”

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