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Shacking As South African Pastor Was Caught Having S*x With A Cow

A South African man of God, identified as Pastor Nkundlande, is in a big trouble after he was caught having sex with a cow in a bush in a village in Limpopo region, reports iMzansi.

The sex starved pastor was said to have dragged the cow from where it was grazing, into a thicket and was busy enjoying himself with the animal when a resident identified as Washington, stumbled upon the strange act.

The shocked Washington who could not believe his eyes, raised an alarm, which brought out the other residents armed with dangerous weapons with the intention of dealing with the pastor but he had fled the scene but was later caught by the pursuing locals.

“Immediately he realised I had busted him, the pastor took off as I shouted at him to get the attention of locals. We pursued and caught up with him as he tried to cross a flooded river.

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Had it not been the timely intervention of the area assistant chief, the man of God would not have survived the wrath of furious villagers who were roughing and beating him up,” Washington narrated.

The assistant chief of the village, identified as Mulalo, noted that the suspect was a known clergyman and belonged to the popular Zion Christian Church, popularly known as ZCC Church, which is about the largest church in Southern Africa, with its international headquarters at Zion City, Moria in Limpopo.

However, the local church leaders have disowned Pastor Nkundlande, though two church leaders later confessed that the pastor had worked at their church but was in the process of starting his own church.


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  1. What an evil spirt posing as a man of God. God of what? Not my God/Jesus! He’s a false profit and a sheep in wolf clothing, raping peoples cow in the bush without any shame. He’s use to raping the cow, because who does something like that. I’m so glad he got caught by Mr. Washington, but I’m sorry he got away from the villagers, and the best ass wiping of his life. Evil spirits like him makes it very difficult for folks to go and stay in the church, because he’s nothing but the devil in disguise. I feel sad that the innocent cow was raped by this so call man who’s really not of the God we love and praise in Jesus name. No; he’s not! ….What a shame. I hope he’s banished from the village for ever and ever Amen!

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