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Selly Galley-Fiawoo: Children Are Not On My Priority List Now

Selly galley says children are not a priority right now.

– She says that she wants to lay a good foundation for the children and plan for them before they arrive.

Selly and Cartel J's wedding

Selly and Cartel J on their wedding day

Actress Selly Galley who got married to Praye Tietia last September, has revealed that childbirth is not on her priority list now.

According to her, she believes children are a gift from God, hence the need to plan for them before they come to light. She added that she is not ready to succumb to societal pressure of starting a family immediately after marriage.

The actress/TV presenter, Selly Galley-Fiawoo, admitted that she would want to have babies but for now she wants to concentrate on her career in order to build a future for her children. She added that as a young woman, she has a lot of aspirations for her life and career, hence there is the need to plan before making babies.

In an interview with graphic showbiz, the former Ghana Big Brother Africa (BBA) representative admitted that as an only child of her mother, it is a tough decision to decide not to have children now but she has explained her decision to the people who matter in life and they have been supportive of her decision.

According to the host of The Premieres on Joy TV, her desire is not just to give birth and leave the child for a nanny to take care of, hence she would like to have time to take care of the children as and when they come, so in view of that she has decided to hold on with child birth for now. She added that she desires to play a crucial role in the life of her children, especially in the area of motherly care, attention and care, just like how her mum did for her.

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“My children will always come first. They should be my priority when they arrive and that is why I want to lay a good foundation before they do. I believe that making a family should be planned because it’s a journey and not a destination,” she stated.

Selly, who won the Best Supporting actress at the City People’s Awards last year refuted claims that it was healthier for her to give birth early as she is yet to hit her 30s.  She added that she has many years ahead of her, hence no need to rush into anything that she is not prepared.

In addition to hosting her show on Joy TV, Selly also plies her trade as an actress. She has featured in a number of movies some of which are yet to be released. At the Pan African Awards held in Togo last year, Selly won the Best Supporting Actress for her role in six months’ time. However, her favourite movie is African Child in which she played the role of an orphan.

Selly has a foundation, named African Child Foundation, which raises funds to support the needs of such vulnerable people in the society.


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