SEE The Nasty Thing A Lady Did To Her Boyfriend After She Caught Him Cheating On Her

A lady, supposedly Nigerian put a call through to Nigerian comedian and actor, Chief Obi during one of his #KeepingASecretWithChiefObi live session on Instagram and revealed the really bizarre thing she did.

According to this lady, she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her and to take revenge, she decided to cheat back on him with one of his close friends but she didn’t end her revenge there… which brings us to the nasty and sickening part.

According to her, as she had her tryst with her boyfriend’s friend, she gave him an oral job and made him cum in her mouth… She reveals she then kept the semen inside a cup to be used later.

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The lady shocked listeners when she revealed that she took the semen of her boyfriend’s friend and used it to cook Egusi soup for her boyfriend who’d cheated on her.

Although the saying goes, “revenge is a dish best served cold“… for this lady, “it is a dish best served nasty and with a cup of semen” 😖🤮



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