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SEE Iceberg Slim’s Response To Critics Who Try To Shame Him For Cheating On Ghanaian Actress, Juliet Ibrahim

iceberg slim and juliet ibrahim

Olusegun Olowokere, popularly known as Iceberg Slim, is tired of people trying to shame him for cheating on actress Juliet Ibrahim.


The Nigerian rapper took to his Instagram Story to address the “self-righteous” people who regularly call him out for cheating.


He said he doesn’t “downplay” or try to “justify” what he did but that he has “owned” it, learnt from it and moved on.


He wrote: “Na cheat I cheat, I no kill person.”


He added that he has “fallen into the trap of trying to explain” himself when what happened was no one’s business “but his and the person he was involved with.” He then went on to reiterate to his critics that what happened in his past relationship is “NO ONE’s business.”


In another slide, he said that social media has become too toxic and he’s only there for the memes.


In 2019, after Juliet Ibrahim released her book, Iceberg Slim, who had hinted at the Ghanaian actress being a “toxic and controlling person” after their relationship ended, backtracked and asked for her forgiveness. He added that he lied, cheated, and took her for granted but she found a way to “rise”.


He wrote at the time:


Dear @JulietIbrahim thank you for everything.

You loved me unconditionally, even at my lowest points and only wanted loyalty and honesty in return.

Unfortunately, I have failed you with everyone else that has seen our relationship and wished us well.

Despite the pain and heartache i have caused you, you still found a way to rise and smile again.

I lied, I cheated, I took your love for granted and in turn brought ridicule and shame to you.

From the bottom of my heart, I apologize. Why now? You may ask.

In life sometimes you have to reveal in other to heal, and as I have revealed the true reason for our break up healing comes next.

As we continue on our separate paths I pray for God’s guidance.


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