See The 11 Rich And Successful Ghanaian You Probably Don’t Know


When we mention the rich and successful Ghanaian entrepreneurs, the common household names that will immediately crop up into your mind will be Kwame Despite, Amoabeng Prince of UT bank and Asuma Banda because almost everybody in Ghana know these people. But there are many successful and rich entrepreneurs in Ghana who probably many Ghanaians do not know because they hardly show off or make it in the media like most others, unless there is a case concerning them.

These are the people we wish to bring to the forefront. There are many of them, but we can’t cover all, so we will go with 11 of them but that’s not the limit.

So here are 11 very rich and successful Ghanaian entrepreneurs you probably do not know.


Mr. Isaac Ofori-Poku (3rd from left in the photo above) who started as a pupil teacher, can now be counted among the richest entrepreneurs in the country. Whenever you sit in a VIP bus, you owe it to this man.

He’s the reason why we have these buses in the country. He’s very rich but many Ghanaians hardly know him.

He’s a very simple man and lives a very simple life. He dresses simple and respects everybody, you can hardly tell he’s that rich unless you get really close. I doubt many Ghanaians really know him.


If you live in Kumasi, then you might have probably heard of Owner Services and if you’ve used their services before then you owe it to this man.

They are into renting of chairs, canopies and catering services for parties, anniversaries, funerals, weddings, etc. and they do it exquisitely. They handled the Otumfour Anniversary and they were very excellent.

The owner of this enterprise is very rich but you can hardly hear much about him. If he walks pass and someone who knows him very well doesn’t point him out to you, you will probably never believe this is the man.

He is not the type who dresses big, he’s simple and lives a very moderate life, doesn’t drive in any big car and even sometimes goes about in a taxi. He sometimes drives in an old KIA pick up but trust me the man is very rich.


Alhaji Salia is into transport and most of the long vehicles that travel from Accra to Tamale and as far as Cote D’Ivoire and beyond, belongs to him. He also has a lot of shops and businesses and it fetches him a lot but you can hardly hear of him.

He’s a very simple man and very religious too. Ask yourself, how well you know this man, but talk of the richest men in Ghana and you can’t leave him out.


This man is the brain behind the most popular Unity Oil and apart from that, he owns many businesses too which fetches him a lot but many Ghanaians hardly know him. His companies are scattered all over the country.

He owns Light Fm, Light TV and he also owns a hotel in Kumasi, Sports Hotel, and they are all doing well, but you hardly hear of him but talk of the richest men in Ghana and you can’t leave him out.


Mr. Nana Donkor (far right in the photo above) is one of the most wealthy Ghanaian business men but I doubt many Ghanaians know him. For now, let’s just call him a gold dealer but that’s not all, he also has the highest share’s in the starbow franchise or we can just say, he’s the owner.

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He has other businesses but the gold business is his major one. He’s really into cars and he releases most of the new cars in Ghana before I see other rich men driving it.


This is one man I can confidently say many Ghanaians do not know but he’s very loaded. He is officially responsible for most of the military and service uniforms in the country.

Based in South Africa, we had information he also has many businesses there too. He is also very generous and gives wherever he goes. There is a story of him dashing money at a funeral he attended and all the money were in ¢50 and the funeral was crashed.


If you’ve heard of Kessben FM and most of the stores in Adum, then we’re talking about this man. Apart from that, also owns many businesses including a travel agency, a restaurant and a driving school.

He’s one of the most successful business men you can think of. He used to be the owner of Kessben FC which he sold and made a whooping amount of money and it’s now Medeama FC. He seems to try his hands on every business he deems lucrative. We can’t complete this list without him.


I won’t talk much about him because you might not know him because you don’t know the company he owns but one mention of his popular company and you will know who he is. This gentleman is the proud owner of the much talked about Jospong Group of Companies which is involved in the operation of Zoomlion.

We don’t know how much he earns but rumor has it, his 10% tithe to his church is a whooping ¢100,000 (1 billion old cedis), every month, so with that just imagine how much he earns in a month.

Talk of the rich entrepreneurs in Ghana and you can’t leave him out but most Ghanaians might probably not know him that much. He is also very generous.


This man is the most humble richest man I’ve ever met and he’s very respectful too. Though he owns many businesses, he’s the only rich man I know who doesn’t bully his workers. What I mean is, he doesn’t trouble his employees over the companies finances and trust those in charge and believe you will do a good job.

With a humble beginning, he made it to the top and it’s stuck with him. He owns the Ark hotel in Accra and the new apartments in Kumasi known as the Ark Apartments.

He also owns many stores and shops that sell foodstuffs and a very big warehouse for renting and for himself. Talk of the wealthiest entrepreneurs and you can’t leave him out.


Many people from the Brong Ahafo Region are very familiar with this name but not all Ghanaians really know this man. He’s the proud owner of many businesses including hotels, Petrol Stations and many stores and a new ultra modern night club which is still under construction.


This man is the owner of Adom Enterprise, they are into construction and many other businesses. Building of roads, estate development and building of hospitals etc. are all part of their businesses, but many Ghanaians do not really know him. He’s a very simple man who does not show off respects all and sundry.

He’s also from the Brong Ahafo Region and those from there know him well.


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