How to Save a Baby Who Stopped Breathing! [You Need To Know This]

A survey found that only a quarter of parents knew what to do when their baby stopped breathing!

In fact, many parents are so terrified at the thought that their child stops breathing and needs to be given life, that it not thinking. I therefore do not know how they performed CPR on the little baby, and it would at some point that could save her life!
In order to dispel the fear of parents, hospital St. John made a video in which a very simple way of explaining how the baby to perform CPR.


“We ask all parents to learn the technique of reviving the baby and share video to all parents, grandparents and all those who care for the children know what to do in those critical minutes after the baby stops breathing,” says the hospital St .John.
Please note – correctly administering CPR significantly increases the chances of survival, and saves the life of your baby!
Here’s how to perform CPR on a baby who stopped breathing:
1. Call an ambulance.
2. Place your baby on a flat surface and gently tilt her head backwards in order to open the airways.
3. Give your baby CPR by lean his mouth on the baby’s mouth and nose, then gently inhale 5 times.
4. Place the two fingers (index and middle finger) on the baby’s chest and press or inflate 30 times in a regular rhythm.
5. Again touch your mouth in a baby’s mouth and nose and gently inhale 2 times.
6. Then he put two fingers on the baby’s chest and pump 30 times in the same rhythm.
7. Repeat the sequence of two breaths and 30 pumping in rhythm calm until the ambulance comes.


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