SA’s Khanya Talks About The Struggles She Faced To Break Into The Acting Industry

Although the gorgeous actress and Selimathunzi presenter, Khanya Mkhangisa, struggles with not being taken seriously in the acting industry, she has used the setback to her advantage. That’s why she can relate easily with her character, Tshepiso, on e.tv’s Harvest.


Tshepiso is a young and naive trophy wife who knows nothing about her husband’s illegal business dealings. After her husband’s death, she finds herself having to take over his business. Most people do not believe that she can pull it off. Khanya’s life was exactly the same when she decided to venture into the acting industry. “The producers thought I couldn’t really act the first time they saw me without even giving me the chance to prove myself,” says Khanya. “Being judged before people even knew me has always been my struggle. I had to prove myself extra hard because people saw the YO.TV girl. But I fortunately got a chance to prove myself.”


Khanya got her break into the entertainment industry 13 years ago and she has turned into a colourful butterfly. Looking at her now, one would swear she has had a smooth ride but she says the industry is not as rosy as it appears. “Even though I have never been in a position where I wanted to give up, it has not been that easy for me. I remember the challenges I faced when I started acting,” shares Khanya. “At times, I would nail an audition but would not understand why I didn’t get the part.”



Though she is reluctant to talk about matters of the heart, Khanya tells Move! that if she finds someone she will embrace it because she does not believe in being calculative. “I cannot confirm whether I am in a relationship or not because once you announce it, you put yourself under the public’s scrutiny,” says Khanya. Although celebville can be cruel with competitors and backstabbers, Khanya says she is fortunate that she gets along with almost everyone. Her bubbly personality is surely helping her in this regard. “For some reason, I relate well with most people. I don’t remember having a beef with anyone in or outside of the industry,” she says. “But if I have to choose one person I would say is my best friend, it will be Boity (Thulo) because she is the one person I always speak to. But I love and respect my friends for who they really are.”

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Apart from being an actress, Khanya is also a radio presenter at youth station – YFM. She has been flourishing and blessings have been pouring like rain in her life. Many wonder how and where she gets her inspiration. She says wanting to be great at all times is what keeps her motivated and going. “I actually inspire myself. Wanting to do great things and make my mother and myself proud is the reason I work really hard,” she says. “But while growing up, I always looked up to Khanyi Dhlomo (business woman) when she was reading the news on television. As a result, I also wanted to be a news reader at some point in my life.”


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