San Families Homeless After Eviction From Envoy’s Farm In Namibia

At least 100 San people have been left homeless after they were evicted from a farm belonging to Namibia’s High Commissioner to Nigeria, New Era has reported.

The families, which included 30 school going children and a number of elderly people, were left without alternative accommodation following a court order issued in favour of Dr Peingondjabi Shipoh.

Since his acquisition of the farm in 2011, Shipoh is reported to have been requesting that the families vacate the property.

The families – some of whom have lived on the farm since 1988 – now have no shelter and Sipoh has threatened to auction off their animals.

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Served with the latest eviction order last week, the group still refused to budge, ultimately resulting in their removal by police officials on Monday.

Grootfontein Constituency Councillor Nelao Amagulu has asked government ministries to provide a temporary space for the group while a lasting solution is pursued, the report said.

The group’s livestock remained locked on the property, with several chickens having died as a result of limited access to food and water.


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