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In SA: You Won’t Believe The Shocking Request Made By A Lady who Had A Crush On Sfiso Ncwane!

Widow of Sfiso Ncwane (late renowned South African gospel singer), Ayanda Ncwane was shocked by the request made by a lady who revealed to her that she had a crush on her late husband. She must have underestimated how much her husband was loved till she was approached by the lady.

“A gorgeous lady approached me in tears and said she had a major crush on my husband, because she never got to hug him, she asked if I could kiss her, wow…I am forever humbled by the love I receive each day from this country and I DO NOT take it for granted.” wrote Ayanda.

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It’s been just over 4 months since the sad passing of Sfiso, but he still remains in the hearts of all who knew him or were blessed by his song ministry. Till date, his wife and kids have been supported by South Africans.


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