SA Jornalist, Redi Tlhabi Takes Heat For Running Lockdown Query: ‘It Was A Question, Not A Demand’

TV and radio personality Redi Tlhabi has faced criticism over her questions on whether running would be allowed during the national lockdown.

She’s been accused of privilege, not focusing on real issues and opening gaps for people who want to take chances. Redi is sticking to her guns though, saying that she asked the question, she would adhere to the rules and at no point demanded that running be allowed.

The debate was fuelled after health minister Zweli Mkhize announced there was no problem with jogging, walking the dogs or going to the grocery store during lockdown.

Government flip-flopped and police minister Bheki Cele later said no jogging or walking of dogs would be allowed.

Somehow becoming the “champion” of runners, Redi faced questions on her TL.

She said she just wanted to do the right thing and follow the rules.

“Should the rules change and running not be allowed, I’ll be the first to spread the word and hang up my running shoes.

“So relax. Go stock up on your carbs, meat and snacks. That’s not my drug of choice,” she said.

And then made this critical point about the importance of exercise.

Here’s ready throwing the shade right back:


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