SA Artists Are All Here For #HipHopHerstory Here’s 3 Reasons Why

Women in SA hip-hop are finally putting some respek on their own names, which is long overdue and we’re all totes here for it.

To be honest, if it was not for the deeply rooted patriarchy that reigns in Mzansi as a whole, women playing a role in making SA’s hip-hop scene the multi-billion fraternity that it has become, women would have been recognised a long time ago.

Twitter burst into a mini celebration last night after it was announced that Castle Light would unlock a concert that has an all-female lineup. The concert also aims to pay tribute to the women, who have contributed to the evolution of hip-hop.

It’s no secret that women have been overlooked when it comes to being given recognition because hip-hop is a male dominated industry.

Well, this narrative is about to be challenged so buckle up!

Why? Well, because:

1. South Africa is blessed with talented artists… it just so happens that they are females

This thing of saying, “she’s good for a female rapper” is bulls**t. Mainly because female or not rappers like Gigi Lamayne or Rouge go hard with the bars. They’re just good.



2. Behind the scenes, the women keep paving the way for your faves

We are talking about the brand managers, the PR people, the promoters, the stylists… so many people, who are female deserve credit for “making” your faves who they are today. Need we say more?





3. There are a lot of issues, including abuse and male privilege that HAS to be addressed 

And… it’s about time that women tell this story themselves. They are fully capable as well so… allow!



We’ll be following this conversation closely and we hope it bears fruit, like actual changes in the industry.


Written by PH

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