S/A Artist, Titus Gambiza Thanks Social Media Followers Through Song

Celebrating the number of followers you have on social media may not be a major thing for a few, but rather for one of Zimbabwe’s top producers, followers are a blessing.

Titus Gambiza, a music producer and artist, as of late said thanks to his 15,000 Instagram followers for their continued support.

Whenever you hear gTBeats, you can expect an authentic African hit single.

Gambiza, professionally known as gTBeats, said that after he checked his Instagram analytic statistics, he had clocked more than 15,000 followers in less than three years.

The 30-year-old has found himself working with various artists, such Jamaican megastar Beenie Man, local hip-hop deejay DJ Speedsta, popular Nigerian DJ Waxxy, and fellow Zimbabwean musicians Buffalo Souljah and QueenVee.

He has produced tracks such as ‘One Love’ by DJ Waxxy and Buffalo Souljah’s latest hit ‘Munamato’, featuring Freeman.

Gambiza said his work spoke for itself, and through collaborations, it had brought a different dimension to the work he produced.

“The world was created in a way where one thing needs to work with another. Which means that you can’t do something 100% complete without the help of other people. Collaborating with someone always brings in another dimension that is probably missing to your work, be it collaborating with another producer or artist,” he said.

Gambiza’s career started when he was a teen in Zimbabwe, and his parents contributed towards his dream of making music.

He said he was working on an album and found out while working with a number of producers that very few understood the sound he wanted.

“I had already started messing around with beats and music software. Sometimes I would have to make a sketch to show the producers the kind of sound I was looking for,” Gambiza said.

He recently announced he will be working on an EP aimed at the southern African region, to be released by the end of the year.

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