Rwandese Gospel Singer Forced To Resign After Revealing He Is Gay

Two weeks ago, a Rwandese gospel singer made a shocking revelation that he is gay. Speaking to BBC, Albert Nabonibo said that he revealed his sexual orientation in a bid to encourage fellow gays to come out.

“In fact, there are many like me even there in churches. The fact is they hide it because of the mentality of church-goers and the community and for their security,” he said.

Forced to resign

Following his revelation that sparked backlash from social media users, Nabobibo is now jobless after his employer allegedly forced him to resign.

The former accountant told BBC’s Great Lakes service that fellow workers started hating him soon after revealing he’s gay.

“I was good at my job, but when fellow employees saw the story they started hating me, then my bosses pushed me to resign,” he said.


However, Nabobibo opined that resigning is better than getting fired as it would tarnish his employment record.

Afraid to go to church

Since coming out of the closet in late August, Nabobibo has faced backlash including some family members and friends not talking to him. The singer said that he’s never set foot in church ever since for fear of harassment.

“I am afraid, I am not free as before, but I wish my society could understand.

“Some people have insulted me, some have called me foolish and others called me stupid. But there are some who understand me – like my brother who has always encouraged me to be who I am.”

Nabobibo further pointed out that he will continue “singing for God”.

While homosexuality is not an offence according to Rwandan laws, the largely Christian society frowns upon it.


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