Rwandan Singer, Diana Teta On Her New Single And Surprise Homecoming

Since her return last week, she has been making back-to-back TV and radio appearances; “which was also a way to see all my fellows working in the media, the same people who have had my back since day one and whom I believe still do,” she explained. She also used the media appearances to promote the video for her latest song, Birangwa, which was released a week earlier.

“The only way to see and understand the current status of my music is by viewing the video for my latest song Birangwa which is now available on my YouTube channel. All I can say is that I am growing every day.”

But Teta’s homecoming is only short lived. She will be heading back abroad, to Geneva, Switzerland where she is slated to perform at a charity concert on May 26.

She is organising the event in collaboration with the Rwandan Diaspora community in Switzerland “to raise money that will cover health insurance for some 5000 people in Rwanda who are in need of that support.”

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“After that, I will continue with my album finalization which won’t take more than a month or two before the release also coming soon.”

Teta insists that her recent foreign travels have only helped her move from strength to strength.

“I am growing generally and of course musically. I’m getting more and more exposure on the international market; I still have a lot to learn, but I know I am in the right path. I have a number of loyal fans here who follow me on social media and are happy and proud of what I’m achieving day after day, I see comments and different kinds of feedback, and that’s what pushes me to do even more, and giving up just never crosses my mind.”


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