Ruto’s Plan To Win Back Rift Valley

DP William Ruto is facing rebellion in the Rift Valley but he has a plan.

The DP, as seen in the Kericho by election is facing unrest in his own backyard and MPs as well as leaders who were once behind his train are now taking the opposite path and joining the opposition.

The DP though, has a plan.

Top of his agenda is to accelerate government projects that will win back the Rift Valley to the Jubilee wing.

During campaigns for the Kericho polls, Ruto admitted that the Jubilee government had let down the region.

Several projects such as road construction, improving of electricity reach, funds to aid the youth and others will be pushed forward faster.

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Secondly, the recent cabinet excision of 10,000 hectares of the Mau Forest was also a ploy to have the differing Jubilee support back in the same umbrella.

The Mau issue has dragged on since the Grand Coalition government days amd with the hiving off of the hectares, will once and for all end a longstanding issue.

As for his detractors in the Rift Valley, the DP is planning an offensive against them which will be raised in all public rallies held in the region to sound the MPs out for killing unity among Kalenjin people.

The main proponents are Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi and Nandi Hills’ Alfred Keter.


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