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RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Nina West Gets Direct Message From Rihanna After Rejection!

Yes, the queen of all, that is good in the world Rhihanna, took it upon herself to wish the rejected drag queen, Nina West,  all the best after she was booted from the reality show.

Nina West may have been eliminated from RuPaul’s Drag Race this weekend but she got the best prize of all – a message from Rihanna herself.

Nina West from RuPaul's drag race.

Look, there are worse ways to be forcefully sashayed away, right?

In this week’s episode, hearts worldwide were broken and tempers flared when Nina was sent home in a controversial lip sync against Silky Nutmeg Ganache. Social media was awash with disappointed and enraged viewers who called BS on the move. Perhaps one of them was Miss RiRi herself after Nina revealed the Umbrella hitmaker sent her a message.

Rihanna at Fenty launch in Sydney, Australia


‘Ending my night with a message from @rihanna – i am dead,’ Nina wrote online overnight. ‘Dead. Dead. I love you, RiRi.’ We can only imagine the kind of brilliant and encouraging words businesswoman boss Rihanna would have imparted. It only encouraged her followers to chime in once more that she didn’t deserve to go home.


‘My sis Rihanna know you wasn’t suppose to get sent home,’ one supportive fan wrote, as another added: ‘Because RiRi is amazing and recognizes a STAR when she sees one. You are and always will be my winner of the season.’ ‘I think this type of fabulosity is what “Winning isn’t everything” is all about,’ one fan summed it up nicely be writing.

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‘You’re winning in the big picture of life.’ The star recently opened up to about being eliminated and having to relive the moment months after the initial scenes were filmed. ‘It’s really weird that now, all these months later, to see the world seeing your experience that felt so gut-wrenchingly personal. I had a lot of time to prep for it and deal with it, but I’m actually shocked by the reaction, and really grateful for it,’ the 39-year-old said.


‘When you’re in the thick of it, you see tweets, but I only see what’s happening on my social media. I don’t go looking for comments, I avoided that. Now it’s overwhelming, because it’s all over my feed, and it’s all over my Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. I was just blissfully unaware of how much of an impact I was having. ‘I knew there was people who liked me, but I wasn’t prepared for this.’



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