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Roddy Alves Shows Off Her Swollen And Bruised Face After Undergoing More Grueling Feminisation Surgery (Photos)

Brazilian-British TV personality, Roddy Alves has unveiled her new face days after undergoing a grueling face feminisation surgery in Belgium.


Posting to his Instagram stories on Monday, the 36-year-old showed off her very bruised and bandaged face as she filmed herself in a hairdresser’s chair sipping champagne while having her locks styled.

Roddy, who spent over £500,000 to change his looks before coming out as transgender recently, told Daily Mail in a previous interview that the £25k surgery will ‘make me look like a supermodel!’

She added that: ‘I can’t speak very well because they removed my Adam’s Apple so I have a sore throat. My eyes are very purple and swollen, I can’t see anything. I can’t see my new face.

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‘If I want to see anything I have to hold my phone up in order to read. My pain threshold from one to 10 is four, I look dreadful but my pain is very low. I just have discomfort.’

Discussing the surgery she said: ‘My hairline is much lower, my temples are much bigger as I have two titanium implants on my temples to make my face much more feminine.


‘Hopefully, I won’t get mistaken for being a man anymore. My face will change a lot, will be smaller. This surgery has given me the diamond face that I always wanted.


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