Nigeria: Rita Dominic Now Member of Over 1000 Groups Since Phone Number Got Leaked

Rita Dominic has revealed that she is now a member of over a thousand groups on Whatsapp since her phone number got leaked.
The movie star made this known via her Twitter page on Monday, November 26, 2018. Rita in her tweets made fun of the situation as fans wanted to find out how she was handling it.

“I told my Mum these morning that I have Rita Dominic number, she hissed and said she as it also, that a friend of hers added Rita Dominic to one of there Group Chat @ritaUdominic,” a fan had tweeted.

Rita went on to reveal that she had been added to over a thousand groups.

“I am a member of over 1000 groups now. Good morning everyone,” she tweeted.


“@ritaUdominic I really admire how you are jokingly going about the whole number thing like you make it look like it’s nothing. You are really special ma,” another fan tweeted.

We guess not every celebrity would give the response Rita Dominic gave to the fan.

“It’s only a phone number. People are going through worse every day,” she replied.

“So everybody is calling at the same time and I can’t talk to anybody. It’s an I belong to everybody but nobody kind of day,” she tweeted again.

Rita Dominic’s tweets came on the same day Nina of BBNaija fame recovered her hacked Instagram account from the same person who leaked her phone number.


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