Revealed! How Siasia And Team Shared $390,000 Gift From Japanese Billionaire

The coach of the U-23 team that won bronze at the just concluded Olympics in Brazil has opened up on how they shared the money given to the team by Japanese billionaire.

Mikel Obi, Dr. Katsuya Takasu and Coach Samson Siasia
Coach of Nigeria’s U-23 Bronze winning team at the just concluded Rio 2016 Olympics, Samson Siasia has given details how the team shared the $390,000 given to them by Japanese billionaire, Dr. Katsuya Takasu.
Siasia described the criticism the team has received over the money from the Nigerian Football Federation as unwarranted, saying that the investigations called for by the top dogs in the federation were unnecessary.
“What actually happened is that the man was just curious how a team that was neglected and abandoned could arrive Rio under five hours and defeat the Japanese team that had all they needed and have been put together for over three years, that was his amazement.” Siasia said explaining what transpired.
He continued,“These guys who are saying they want to do all manner of checks, what have they done for us? Do you know that since we returned, nobody from the NFF or Ministry has called us to say that we did well. The president came and just talked and that was it, well it is not the first time he will be talking.
“When players don’t even have $100 dollars in their pocket and you want to come and preach to them.” Siasia said the entire amount of $390,000 was shared equally among all the members of the team including the supporting staff.
“The Japanese benefactor said $200,000 and $190,000 was supposed to be for bronze medal and it was split among the players and officials equally. It is not my personal money and this must be made clear.
“What I got was what every other player or official in the team got about $14,000 dollars each. The man came to Salvador where we played and gave $200,000 as draft to me and $190,000 to Mikel because he cannot write cheque to every member of the team, he made it simpler so that we all can share the money and now we are paying to the individual accounts of the boys.
“So make this issue clear to everybody that has been following it, the money was never meant for me or Mikel alone but for the entire team including the doctors and other backroom staff,” Siasia added.

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