Rethink It With Ben: Pastor Adeboye Or Charly Boy, Who Is Your Marriage Counsellor?

Once again for the umpteenth time, Twitter warriors were at war over the issue of whose duty it is to cook in a household, only this time there was an added twist.

Pastor Adeboye or ‘Daddy G O’ as fondly called, waded unintentionally into the murky waters of social media. And sure enough his white garments got muddied, and bloodied by the fierce online Amazons, the Twitter feminists or the ‘Feminazis’.

As usual the Feminazis conveniently overlooked the part where Daddy G O says, ‘a woman should not marry a man who has no job’, but focused their laser sharp vision on the part he says, ‘a man should not marry a woman who could not cook or pray for an hour’.

This time around, they had help from controversial celebrity,Charly Boy (Charles Oputa), who said Pastor Adeboye ‘missyarned’.Charly Boy

Charly Boy


And they went in daggers drawn(Charly Boy inclusive), and also girls that were nurtured by the delicious cooking and prayers of their mothers. On the flip side, young men who survived to manhood thanks to Ewa Goin (a bean dish) sellers, also had something to say.

I am not going to sully this fine ‘piece of writing’(clears throat) by quoting some of the unbelievable and downright disrespectful things, some of these ‘female freedom fighters’ said about a man old enough to be their grand or even great grand father, simply because they held opposing views.

All I will say is, if they can insult a man of his calibre then what hopes do their husbands have.

@ormainy: Did you people also miss the part where Pastor Adeboye advised ladies not to marry men who do not have jobs?”

Now, as a lazy prayer myself, whenever I come across anybody with the ability to pray for an hour straight, I often wonder where they get the stamina from, and why they keep repeating the same thing over and over again?

Yet I understand what Pastor Adeboye meant. Women generally have the propensity to worship and seek God more than men.

A look at the congregation of any church will reveal that 70% of the adults, are made up of women. Women believe more, pray more, and hope more than men. It’s a fact. A man only prays when all else has failed.

I like Pastor Adeboye. A woman who cooks is just his own preference because of his generation and cultural tendencies.

As for the issue of cooking, I believe a man should live according to his principles. If you can cope with a woman who can’t cook and do chores, or draws up a timetable for who does what chore at what time, then by all means go ahead and get married to her.


Those men who want a woman who can cook and take care of them and the children, should also be allowed to do so in peace.

However, there’s a difference between a girl who can’t cook and a girl who won’t cook. One denotes the lack of an ability, the other reeks of arrogance.

A girl who can’t cook because she wasn’t taught or just lacks the capacity to do so, can learn if she wants to.

A girl who won’t cook because she thinks it’s beneath her, or designed by society to keep women in servitude, will want every chore divided equally between her and her man.

You cant Really Argue or Know Better than Pastor Adeboye now Can Y’all?

Men hate chores. They do it only if they have to. That’s why 80% of bachelor pads are covered in dust, with the kitchen sink either clean from lack of usage or filled with week old dirty plates.

Whatever your decision, just remember, this is marriage we’re talking about, not dating. That you can date a girl who’s lazy or ‘liberated’ does not mean you can marry one.

The girl you date comes and goes, the wife stays. So whatever you decide, you had better be sure for homes have been broken for far less.

Charly Boy might not be the model marriage counsellor, but he’s right on one point – this marriage thing, is not by force.

-Don’t marry a lazy or a girl who cannot pray for 1hr
-Don’t marry a girl who cannot cook – Pastor Adeboye


Written by Linus Felicia

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