Respect Yourself Enough To Walk Out Of Relationships That Make You Empty – Kenyan Singer, Akothee

The president of single mums Esther Akoth, better known as Akothee, is known for her impeccable prowess when it comes to admonishing women. The 40 year old musician’s sumptuous lifestyle has been admired by most women; making some of them prefer living a single life just like her. Even though a couple of times she has divulged her interest in having a partner, her single lifestyle seems to be enjoyable.

This time, the singer has taken to social media to give her views on relationships; advising people not to stay in toxic relationships. She wrote on her Instagram;

”Respect yourself enough to walk out of any relationship that makes you empty and hollow. In a relationship, you need someone who fills your cup not the one who empties it; just to fill it with pain and humiliations…

Ever called someone and the moment you drop the phone you feel more empty ? And regret why you did it ?

That relationship doesn’t belong to you . Stop calling those who don’t call you , and stop grinding with those who don’t give back the same energy .Take Control of your energy 💪 some people were born to hurt others , because they are hurting 🙏🏻
Love is a beautiful thing …”

Madam boss’s piece of advice is probably one for everyone to take in.


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