Rapper Naeto C Wife Nicole Chikwe Shower Praises On Her Husband

Wife of rapper Naeto C has heaped praises on the legendary rapper while describing him as a perfect husband and father to their chldren.

Naeto C’s wife said in the interview that the couple are still going strong after so many years because Naeto C is a wonderful guy with fantastic family values.

She added that the “Kini big deal” hitmaker did not let stardom get in the way of taking care of his family as he has always and continues to protect and provide for his family.

Nicole said:

“Naeto C is a wonderful guy in spite of his status as a celebrity. He has fantastic family values and that is the reason we are able to sustain our family and stay married.

“Aside his celebrity status, he has all the values of real man, he provides for his family and protects us, he is a wonderful father that has been the relationship with him.

“I trust and respect him because he knows his role and responsibilities, his celebrity status is not in his head rather his relationship as a family man.

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“I understand his status even without being a celebrity I know about how ladies hover around men, but he has a line drawn against that,’’

Speaking on the issue of sex before marriage, Nicole Chikwe condemned the act and stated that it was wrong no matter how enticing it is made to look these days.

“Sex outside marriage is wrong, no matter how appealing it is among the youth. Sex is only designed for married couple, for pro-creation and not for fun.

“Chastity is important both inside and outside marriage, but the influence of western culture has eroded our values with the introduction of contraceptives for unmarried people.

“Sex before marriage does not make people feel better and we need to be clear about it,” she said.


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