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R Kelly’s Ex-girlfriend, Asante McGee Reveals How He Wanted Her To Talk Like A Little Girl

R Kelly’s ex-girlfriend, Asante McGee has revealed how the embattled singer wanted her to speak like a little girl during their relationship.

Her words tend to support the allegations of sexual abuse of underaged girls leveled against him.

Asante McGee is one of the girls who appeared in the docu-series ‘Surviving R Kelly’ in which they spoke about the sexual abuse they suffered in the hands of the singer.

“I ran away after three weeks with Robert.””

“For the years before that, I never saw anything that was a sign to me that he was abusive or controlling; I didn’t notice the red flags. I thought, He is R. Kelly. He wants to protect me, so when he told me not to speak to people about coming to see him, because they might try to attack me, I believed him”, Asante said.

She revealed how she discovered that the singer had a thing for minors.

“I also never had any idea that he really liked minors; I was not a teenager, I was nowhere near a teenager. The only small red flag was that, when we were together, he always wanted me to talk like a little girl. He would tell me what to say, I would repeat it, and he would keep telling me “No. Do it different, do it a little softer,” until I got to the voice that he wanted. I thought it was odd, but then I thought that maybe it was just a role play for him.””

She added:

“But once I was in the house, I met a girl who I’d seen at a 2015 show in Connecticut; I remember seeing her sitting on his lap, and I thought then that she looked mighty young. But a lot of us looked younger than we really are, so I didn’t question it then. Once I moved in, I learned that she was only 17 years old; that’s when I started to get concerned.”


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