How Pride Is Killing Ghana Music Industry – Kwabena Kwabena

Ghanaian highlife musician, Kwabena Kwabena has said until Ghanaian musicians learn to produce songs of their heritage and push what is truly Ghanaian, the Ghana Music Industry will continue to suffer.

According to him, “we cannot grow because we are not growing authentic Ghanaian music which can give us proper commendation”.

He also indicated that the industry is filled with pride and hence the upcoming artistes feel they are better off as compared to the already existing artistes.

He said “let me tell you something, how and we do our things in this country excuse me to say, when new artistes come into the industry, people begin to tell him that he is better than the older people in the industry so even when you want to advise him, he wouldn’t listen, neither will he humble himself to learn and that is the problem.

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I always say that nobody goes to a party and listens to one song so we are praying everyday that we get new artistes and get new songs, good artistes to celebrate and eventually those artistes will become celebrities we will celebrate but the thing is, immediately we begin to nurture them, it turns to be something else so that is the reason we can’t grow.”


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