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President Kenyatta Maintains KDF Will Withdraw From Juba

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday insisted that Kenya would not rescind her decision to withdraw troops from South Sudan unless its underlying concerns are addressed.

Speaking at the cadet pass out parade in Lanet, President Kenyatta emphasized that the dignity of the country and her contingent would not be traded in the quest for peace and stability of her neighbours.

“Our men served with honour with valour and with complete professionalism, and let it not be forgotten that some lost their lives in these missions,” said President Kenyatta.

While he has been the IGAD Special Rapporteur in the peace process where regional leaders have been keen on seeking solutions for peace in the continent’s youngest nation, the country will also disengage from the South Sudan peace process.

“On our part, we will no longer contribute to a mission that has failed to meet its mandate and which has now resorted to scapegoating Kenyans,” he said.

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“We know that the people of this region want peace in South Sudan but we also know that peace will not come to South Sudan by blaming a Kenyan commander for the wider failings of the mission to South Sudan,” he noted.

The president’s assertions came even as the UN said it would respect Kenyan’s decision triggered by its Secretary General Ban ki Moon’s decision to sack LT. General Johnson Ondieki as the United Nations Mission To South Sudan Force Commander.

Meanwhile, Sudan’s People Liberation Army (SPLM-IO) has claimed the disappearance and possible kidnapping of its spokesperson James Gatdek Dak from Nairobi.

SPLM/A-IO alleged that Gatdek was kidnapped by unknown gunmen dressed in uniform from his Nairobi house further pointing an accusing finger at President Salva Kiir’s forces claiming their collusion with gangs.



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