‘If President Buhari Dies Today, Nigerians Killed Him’

Dr. Ike Oye national chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) said those who are fighting against President Buhari are not fighting against the president but against the destiny of Nigeria.

He insisted that if the president dies, then he died as a result of the trouble Nigerians gave him.

According to report by Sky Trend News, Oye said this in a press statement made available to newsmen in Abuja recently.

His statement read:”Buhari would have done better if Nigerians had wished him well. All these enemies fighting him left, right and centre, they are not fighting Buhari. They are fighting against the destiny of Nigeria.

“If he dies tomorrow, it is his time, all of us will die. Is there anything strange about it? I will die someday. If President Buhari dies today, he dies for Nigeria because we gave him the trouble that killed him.

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“If we don’t pray for Nigeria to succeed, all of us are collectively doomed. Governance is not easy. Buhari can be ill he can be indisposed one way or another. He is a human being. There is nothing scandalous about somebody being sick.

He added: “As a sincere man, he told you he was going on leave and checkup. If you see him at King’s hospital, is there anything wrong about that? What is wrong about being sick?”


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