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Photos: See Six Transgender People Before & After Surgery

Whether they chose to have cosmetic surgery through a local professional plastic surgeon, saw a professional gynecologist, or simply took an aesthetic medicine course, these transgender transformations are inspiring.

1. Isis King


She was the first transgender person to star on “America’s Next Top Model,” leading the way for many to follow in her footsteps in the world of fashion, modeling and design.

2. Surgery Statistics


According to statistics, Thailand is the number one country for gender reassignment surgery, closely followed by Iran. This is Bangladeshi-born Amelia Maltepe.

3. Jazz Jennings


Not just a spokesperson for the transgender community, Jazz Jennings also has a YouTube channel where she discusses her want for cosmetic surgery and her battles with her identity.

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4. Disorder / Identity


Although commonly referred to as a ‘disorder,’ being a transgender person is not. It is an ‘identity,’ although there is a form of gender dysphoria with diagnoses on the increase.

5. Cosmetic Surgery Answers


People are often scared to ask the big questions, but when a man has cosmetic surgery to become a woman, it’s called a phalloplasty. For a woman in reverse, it’s called vaginoplasty.


What does ‘transgender’ mean? It means that the person doesn’t relate to the gender they were born with – either male or female. There is a growing theory that people are born trans.


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