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Photos: He Proposed To Me At A Bus Stop -Says Sarah Nafula Ojiambo

BRIDE:  Sarah Nafula Ojiambo

GROOM: Timothy Mudasia

Sarah: We first met in 2002 when we were introduced by Tim’s nephew who happens to be his best friend and best man at a wedding in Nairobi. There really was never like a formal first date because we first became friends, we went for lunch many times at random places in the city.

Tim: Sarah left for Australia for studies a year after we first met, just three months after I had joined Moi University. We stayed as good friends until 2009 when we decided to officially start dating. I later went to Sydney for my masters. One thing led to another and we are now married with a seven-month-old baby Sophia.


Sarah: He was escorting me to catch a bus, he didn’t put across a formal proposal but he mentioned that we should get married. I didn’t have an answer at that time, I mean I had a bus to catch and I was running late.

Tim: Having been friends and dated for such a long time, it just seemed right to make it official and decide the direction of our life together. It was exciting to know that a person I knew and cared for would be my life partner. I reckon she was surprised by the proposal, as you can imagine being close friends for many years, it never occurred to us that we could end up as a couple.

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Planning our wedding from a distance was our greatest challenge, but we are grateful we had a lot of support from friends and relatives in Kenya. Living overseas meant that we had to fully delegate and trust our team, and they amazed us with their dedication.


Planning in advance and keeping good networks can save you a fortune.


Exchanging the vows and the realization that the words actually bind. There was a lot of joy and excitement on the day and to know that the guests had a good time is memorable. We spent our honeymoon at Sarova Lion Hill and Sarova Whitesands. We chose the two locations in order to have a quiet experience in the endless jungle forests and then wind up with some breeze at the sea and walk in the sand at the coast.


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