Photos : Nigerian Hermaphrodite Soccer Star Cries Out For Help

Lagos – Ibom Angels player, Bessy Boniface has actually vented her furstration in a letter to the First Lady of Akwa Ibom State, Martha Udom Emmanuel, on locating her real identification as an person after being classified as a hermaphrodite.

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Boniface was born with both female and male organs but has been classified as being 85 percent female and 15 percent male is struggling with an identity crisis.

She is unsure whether to call herself female or male, which is affecting her life in various forms, especially with a promising soccer career being compromised.

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The former Delta Queens striker was thrown out of the Falconets camp before the Chile 2008 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup when coaches discovered that Boniface couldn’t pass completely as a woman.

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Boniface says that her true ambition is to find love and to raise a family of her own, but has struggled as she needs corrective surgery on her organs.

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She is currently single and is understandably unable to have sex, which has left her social life in tatters.

Her hopes are to now gain the attention of her government and convince them to assist her with the needed surgery.



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