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PHOTOS: Meet The Man Who Has Spent The Last 40 Years Of His Life Living Inside A Cave

A man has been found out to have lived all by himself inside a cave for up to 40 years, a situation which is considered to be really weird.

Pedro Luca
The man identified as Pedro Luca, has spent the last 40 years of his life living in a very unlikely place.
The man actually lives inside a CAVE.
Pedro Luca, a self-sufficient man maintains himself without running water or electricity. He even hunts for all his own food.
According to The Sun UK, the modern day caveman, from Argentina, survives by shooting animals for food and drinking water from a nearby creek. Every day, the resilient 80-year-old villager treks for three hours across steep terrain back and forth from his cave.
Instead of using electricity to heat his home, Pedro prefers an old fashioned roaring fire. He also uses his pension, worth around £75-£150, to pay for essentials, including candles, yeast and corn.
It’s hard to believe that Pedro has ever lived in this century, but he does have one technological item.
As there’s no electricity, Pedro relies on batteries to power up his small radio.
Caveman Pedro decided to opt for a simple way of life when he was a young boy.
He revealed: “I immediately took a liking to the forest. The forest with all its caves. When I was young I used to come looking for animals, when I asked about this height.
“Back then, I said to myself wouldn’t it be nice to live within the normal trappings.”
After being raised by his grandad in San Pedro de Calalao, he left his home at just 14-years-old.
Preferring to live in isolation, he took up a job transporting coal to Bolivia in order to fund his new lifestyle.
Due to his eccentric lifestyle, Pedro has become a bit of a local celebrity in his village in San Pedro de Colalao in Argentina.
The locals are so fond of Pedro that they often provide him with groceries and supplies.
A local resident revealed: “Everyone knows him. They even come from the school to visit him. They make this tricky journey not just to know him but to know the place, that is not simple to reach.”

Written by Linus Felicia

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