Photos: Kenyan Singer, Akothee Miraculously Escape Car Accident

Kenyan Singer, Akothee is happy to be alive after she found herself together with her team in a life threatening situation. While travelling to Nairobi to meet up with her daughters, the car’s tire studs loosened and scattered on the road. Not knowing what was going on, her manager stopped to check what was going on.

She explained, “I have seen the mighty hands of Jesus today , as I was rushing to Nairobi to take my girls for lunch , I drove from Rongo to Mai Mahiu , then I got tired , the driver took over till Nairobi , since we both dont know Nairobi so well , @nellyoaks took over the steering,, the girls were waiting for mum at Fogo gaucho our joint , as we approached Kinoo , I heard some noise & told him to slow down , before we knew it, all the studs were out and he could not control the car anymore , weee! the wheel.had left ,we were on top of the bridge , the car was moving towards the left , I thought of jumping looo , hakuna asiye ogopa kifo , so the wheel stopped in the middle of the high way , 😷😷😷, we are in kinooo , ontop of the bridge , @nellyoaks gets out of the car , mmm , we dont know what to do , then a police vehicle pulls out , I saw 2 gentlemen coming towards us , @austine blacks says “oooh , this guys will arrest us “oooh no, they were my mad fans , they saw @nellyoaks recognised the car & they said “thats #madamboss in trouble” , they helped out , I shed tears when I saw them struggle to fix the tire , we needed new studs the car could not move.”

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Akothee car

She continued, “Then an old man came from no where , he said , he passed us on the way with his bike , and about 100 meters he saw some studs on his way , and remembered he left some boys and girls stranded , this studs could be theirs , he biked back.and brought the studs , my heart melted , I gave him some money he refused to take , oooh ,none of them was a luo , I was not in luo land , I was far away from home , if my life ended here., my family would be the second or third to touch my body , this samaritans touched my heart I have landed new friends , the police officer in uniform., and the one in stripe shirt are my die hard fans , the old man , I will find his home and visit one day., nellyoaks my guardian Angel , God bless you 
treat people well.you never know who will be there for you , why dint money save me now ? all my bankers are seated under Ac and am stranded.in the middle of no where , released the chase car for I wanted some fresh me time , to feel free , God reminded me something , today.”



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