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Photo: Omg! Woman Arrested For Moaning Too Loudly During S*x Disturbing Neighbours

A woman who couldn’t control herself while having s*x has gotten herself into trouble with her neighbours.

Amanda Marie Warfel
Amanda Marie Warfel, a  woman from Pennsylvania got her neighbours really infuriated after having a really loud s*x with her boyfriend.
According to the Associated Press, her moaning was so loud that it shook her neighbour’s furniture.
She has however pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and threatening her row house neighbours for complaining.
The 25-year-old Amanda Marie Warfel, has been jailed.
The York Daily Record reports the woman pleaded guilty Wednesday and was sentenced to 45 to 90 days in jail, which she’s already served but remained jailed for another case.
Warfel said during the hearing that she just wanted to go home and regretted her neighbours weren’t in court because she wanted to apologize to them.
Warfel had pleaded guilty previously to disorderly conduct and harassment charges based on the same complaints.
Police say Warfel’s neighbour has dealt with the issues for two years.

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