PHOTO: Omg! Wife Disgraces Husband After Catching Him Having S*x With Their Housemaid In Zimbabwe

A woman has disgraced her husband by locking him outside their matrimonial home after discovering that he had been having s*x with their maid.
Lineth Moyo locked the husband out of their home after catching him sleeping with the maid
She literally declared that her husband was a serial “maid eater”.
B-Metro reports that the drama came to light after the case was brought to court in which Lineth Moyo, 60, of Emakhandeni suburb, Zimbabwe took legal action against her husband Englam Moyo, 61, accusing him of verbally, emotionally and economically abusing her.
Speaking before the court, Lineth revealed that problems in their marriage worsened on the day when she walked in on her husband having s*x with their maid on their matrimonial bed.
Lineth labelled her husband who had since relocated to their rural home an irresponsible man with an insatiable appetite for house-keepers.
“My husband has been physically and economically abusing me since 1982 when we got married. From 2010 he has been emotionally abusing me by engaging in extra-marital affairs.
“I have since chucked him out of the house after I walked in on him having s*x with our maid. It later came to my attention that he has been sleeping with all the maids who once worked for us.
“He is an irresponsible man who has failed to look after his family. I don’t even see the point of living with a lazy man who only depends on my pockets for everything. Since we got married he has never bought me anything, let alone a teaspoon,” complained Lineth.
She further claimed that her husband was now using muthi on her.
“I found the muthi he had put on my clothes in the wardrobe and it made me sick. Some (muthi) were smeared on the sofas and chairs so that whenever I sat on them I became sick,” she said.
Englam, in response looked perplexed and blamed their marital disputes on evil spirits.
“She is my wife and we have been together since 1981. The problem is that there are some evil spirits that are haunting our marriage and want us to separate. I am in the process of consulting a traditional healer to sort out the issue so that we can live in harmony,” he said.
Presiding magistrate Manasa Musiiwa granted a binding order in which he ordered the two parties to keep peace with each other.

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