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Omg! Ghanaian Pastor Who Used Sanitary Pads For Money Ritual Makes Shocking Confession

A man of God has made shocking confession how he used sanitary pads for money rituals and was made to swallow a snake.

Mike Zigha with Frankie
A now repented evangelist and man of God, Mike Zigha has made shocking confession how he was initiated into the evil world of occultism and some of the sacrifices he made.
Zigha who is now a pastor made the shocking revelations on Hitz FM’s This Is Gospel (TIG) show hosted by Franky5.
According to Adom News, Mike Zigha revealed that he killed many people through different means as sacrifices. The man stunned many by saying that during the time, most ladies he slept with died days after their encounter. He added that it got to a time he had to let his bodyguards go round picking up used sanitary pads, which had blood in them for his rituals. He claimed these innocent ladies whose menses were used died few days after the sacrifice.
To the astonishment of his host, Zigha revealed that he swallowed a live snake as one of the tasks given him by his master. He also disclosed that he had to help some popular men of God to also join the evil world where they get their powers for miracles.
However, he decided to leave after seeing all his friends he helped into the evil society were dying one after the other. On realizing that his death was imminent, he said goodbye to the occult world.
He however said leaving the occult world was not easy but he overcame them through Christ and now is a messenger of God.
The incident happened in Ghana.

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